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EasyWork - Make Work Easy, Better Rest Reminder

EasyWork is a shareware program which helps protect you from long time working in front of your PC by reminding you to have a rest at a specified interval. It's easy to use, and it runs in background without annoying you much.

1. What's EasyWork?
2. Screenshots

3. Features

1. What's EasyWork? [Go Top]

EasyWork is a Windows program which can remind you to have a rest when a specified working period has passed, to protect your health from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or other computer-related diseases. We wish it could be your computer companion and accompany with you when you are working at your computer.

EasyWork starts at Windows startup by default (you can disable this in Settings menu), and runs in background quietly, showing a count down timer (the number of minutes before your next rest) in the form of a tray icon, and locks the screen when work period timer comes to 0. At this time, you should have a rest, by standing up, going for a walk, looking at green trees far away and so on. You also have options to postpone your rest by 1 minute or return to work mode when the screen is locked.

EasyWork is easy to use and easy to configure. It works well with default paramters, and you can flexibly customize to fit your particular needs when you are more familiar with it.

2. Screenshots [Go Top]

After the program is started, it shows a green count down timer in the tray area. The color of the figure will change to yellow when half of the working period has passed, and turn to red 3 minutes before your rest starts.

EasyWork Started Screenshot

Right-click the tray icon to show main menu.

EasyWork Main Menu Screenshot

Click Settings to show the Settings dialog box.

In the Profile tab, you can create your profiles and set working period, rest period, rest background picture and so on.

EasyWork Profile Setting Screenshot

In the Others tab, you can set whether the program should run at Windows startup, define the default profile and set the language and password.

EasyWork Others Setting Screenshot

The screen is locked when the work session comes to an end. You should step away from your computer and have a rest now. However, if you have pending work to finish immediately, you can use the Postpone by 1 minute or Stop Rest.

EasyWork Rest Show Screenshot

3. Features [Go Top]

-> Easy to use
By default this program automatically starts at Windows startup, runs in background quietly, and reminds you to have a rest when the defined work period has passed. With the default profile, the work period is 40 minutes and the rest period is 10 minutes.

->Minimal disturbance to normal work
The countdown timer icon shows the remaining time before the next rest. The background of the timer becomes yellow when half of the defined work period has passed, red the timer comes down to 3 minutes left, and a balloon tip appears prompting you that you should take a rest in 1 minute. Then, 1 minute later, your screen is locked, and you can click Postpone by 1 minute to finish your work before having a rest.

->Simple UI with great font size
To best protect your eyes, all fonts used are of a large size.

->Enhanced password protection
The password protection feature safeguards your settings and helps limit the time your kids spend on the computer. You can enable screen saver password protection to provide enhanced security.

->Multiple languages supported
Currently the program can display in English (United States), French (Europe) and Simplified Chinese, and more languages will be supported in the future. You will get a free license if you can offer to translate the program into another a language.

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